FAQ Page

To be honest, I haven't had a whole lot of feedback/questions about this site. It's mostly my other ones that I've gotten feedback about. *laughs* Yet, I feel there are some things I've been asked about that bear a firm hard repeating of.

Your site looks like crap in IE/whatever
Well, since IE sucks... I don't use it. My browser of choice is Firefox. Google it, download it, love it. I make sure that my site can function in IE, but it's probably not going to be pretty. It looks better in Firefox because that is what I use and code for. Don't like it? Don't visit.

I hate your style! Change it!
Um, no. I like my style and am not going to change it for the opinions of one person. Sorry. If you have some honest, but not cruel, con-crit, please email me.

Where did you learn to blend?
When I started in the blending world, I started out making icons. I didn't even know what blending was! Haha. I found some tutorials on livejournal, I believe, that lead me to learning how to blend. They probably aren't up anymore; but if you do a search for some, then there are loads on the Internet now. Other than that, just practice and read loads of tutorials.

Can you teach me HTML/PHP/CSS etc?
While I'd love to be able to help everyone who asks, I normally don't offer my services when it comes to coding. If I know you and you ask, I'll more than likely help you. Now; if you're just some random person who asks, I probably won't. Sorry. There are a ton of html websites on the Internet that explain things a million times better and easier than I ever could. Just google it.

Teach me to make blends/icons/graphics like you?
I'm flattered that you'd want me to teach you, but I'm probably the world's worst teacher. Seriously. I've written a couple tutorials for some friends that are on this site, but beyond that, I can't say I'd be too much help. Try searching on Livejournal for tutorial communities. There are plenty over there.

Have a question/comment that I haven't answered here? Then email me!