Each of these were done by me over the last couple of years. I picked up painting again after a very long hiatus, we're talking like ten years or so. My ex-husband bought me some of my first canvas and paints as a birthday present. One of the very few sweet things he did for me. I fell in love all over again and here are a few of my pieces. Most of these were gifts for other people, birthdays and holiday gifts- or because I felt like it.

Unlike my digital art, which most of the time has an intended purpose, my painting does not. It is very emotional for me; the need to paint comes from somewhere very private within me -I may never be able to fully explain it to someone who's not felt that feeling in the very breath of their soul.

Okay, so enjoy! If you'd like to buy a custom piece by me, please contact me! I'd love to make a piece to hang on the walls of your home, office, anywhere you'd like it! Click on the preview image to view the whole piece.