Basic Blending; Mady Easy. Using Photoshop CS2

Chose your images.
Mine are from

Resize accordingly.
Full size images were 600x398, which I did not resize at all.

Open a new canvas to the size you want your blend to be. Mine is 700x398.

Floodfill the first layer with a colour from the background and then paste each image onto a new layer in that same canvas.


Add a Layer Mask to each of the images. Using the buttons at the bottom of the layer palette, third button from the left is the layer mask.

Move the image layers into the order that you want them to be in the finished blend.
Should look something like:

Now, using your brush tool,at whatever size, hardness settings you want, simply go over the layer that you’re on and “erase” the overlapping part of the image.

MAKE SURE you are clicked on the white block in your layer palette or you will just be drawing straight on your images.

NOTE: When the brush is black, it is erasing the image. It will show up as black on the layer palette. Make a mistake or want to change something? Simply change the colour to white on your brush and go over the image again, and it reappears!

Erase as much or as little as you want to blend the images however you want them. They can always be changed.
This is what my palette looks like when I’m done blending.

Once you’re happy with how the blend looks, make an image stamp by pressing ctrl alt shift E at the same time.
Copy the resulting image into a new canvas. This way, you have your blended layers saved separately in case you want to adjust a layer in the future.

That’s pretty much it for basic blending. Once you’ve got the basics down, be bold and experiment! Try different images or different brush modes or even different types of brushes. Take your art to the next level!

Any questions, comments, rants, feel free to PM or send me an email: wannabe.designer[at]