Golden Trio Icon (colouring). Using Photoshop CS2

<-- This is what we're making today.

1.First, grab your image. I chose a picture of Harry, Ron, and Hermione from the end of Goblet of Fire. You can find this image at the The Leaky Cauldron in their gallery.

Crop image any way you want; paste into new window. Duplicate the image layer.

On the duplicated layer, we want to sharpen it a bit so some of the details stand out. Go to Filter > Sharpen. It is a bit strong for my taste, so we go to Edit > Fade Sharpen (about 80%).

Onto the colouring! Add a new curves layer to your image by going to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Curves

Colour points:
RGB: 114,161
Red: 217,208 and 120,146

Now I want a bit more yellow in the image; but I don't want to mess up the curves layer so I added a gradient layer. First, open your colour picker and input #dfc32a. Go to your gradient tool, using linear layer, top to bottom with the white on the bottom.

Set the gradient layer you created to Soft Light.

Grab any texture you want to use. The one I chose came from bombayicons @ LJ. I desaturated the texture and pasted in onto a new layer. Set the layer to soft light.

Remember the original layer we started with? Go back to that layer (should be at the bottom of your layer pallet) and duplicate it. This should be the unsharpened base. Drag to the top of your layers and set to Soft Light.

Create a new layer at the very top. Using the rectangle marquee tool, select the layer (so you see the little ants all around it). Stroke that layer with a 1pixel wide black border. To get to the stroke menu, go to Edit > Stroke.

All done!
Any questions, comments, rants, feel free to PM or send me an email: midnightdesire[at]