Order of the Phoenix: So Angry; Neville Longbottom

Base image from Leaky Cauldron.

Crop and prep image. For this icon; I didn't do anything other than crop the picture.

Duplicate base - set to screen.

New layer. Floodfill with #57f8ff - set to soft light.

Selective Color layer.
-Reds: -100, +31, +100, 0
-Yellows: -100, 0, +27, 0

Another Selective color layer.
-Reds: -100, +25, 0, 0
-Yellows: +100, -22, -77, 0
-Neutrals: +73, 0, -73, 0

Looked a little too blue for my liking, so take your base and duplicate it. Drag to be the top layer and set to soft light.

Add curves layer *You can really play around with the curves and get all sorts of interesting colorings.
Input: 0
Output: 16

His hair looked really weird for me and the icon didn't have that pop that I was looking for. So, I took the base and duplicated it once more. Drag it to be the top layer and set to soft light again.

Done. He looks so much better than all red-faced. Instead of irritated red-face Neville... He's just pissed-off Neville!